The Armory offers high-end  blades  as  well  as  economy swords that are still elegant and functional.  To  view  the  swords that are available, click on the photos  below  or  from  the following list: Asian Katanas, Civil War Sabers, Fantasy Swords, Medieval Swords, Miscellaneous, Movie Swords, Practice Swords, Rapiers, or Sword Parts.

British Highlander Regimental Officer's Sword

$299.99 $322.00 Ex Tax: $299.99

This stunning reproduction of a19th Century British Highlander Regimental Officer's Sword boasts a tempered high carbon steel blade, which is embellished in the motifs and regalia of the British Empire. A brass star is inset on one side of the blade as a proof of quality mark. The basket hilt is mad..

 Hobbit Glamdring the Sword of Gandalf

$167.00 Ex Tax: $167.00

The sword named Glamdring was forged by the high Elves of the West, in the hidden city of Gondolin. Glamdring survived, only to be found thousands of years later by Gandalf and his companions. This authentically detailed replica is a reproduction of the actual filming prop built used in the motion p..

 Hobbit Orcrist Sword of Thorin Oakenshield

$160.00 Ex Tax: $160.00

Thorin Oakenshield and his Company of Dwarves find an ancient Elven sword named Orcrist, forged by the high Elves of the West. Adorning the pommel is an emblem of the heraldry of Ecthelion of the Fountain. The hilt is shaped from the tooth of a dragon. The sword features a tempered AUS-6 stainless s..

The Father’s Sword

$332.00 Ex Tax: $332.00

The Father's Sword has been expertly reproduced from the hit movie classic Conan the Barbarian by the master craftsmen at Windlass Steelcrafts. This is an exact replica of the sword used on screen; hand-forged from 1085 high carbon steel and tempered to 52 HRC for strength.From the intrica..

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