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Armory is proud to present our selection of BB guns, pellet guns, air guns and rifles, airsoft guns, airsoft rifles, and airgun accessories. We have carefully chosen from the best manufacturers in the industry and are proud to be an authorized distributor of premium Aselkon PCP rifles in the U.S.

At Armory, we have chosen top-rated styles of air guns, including breakbarrel, CO2, and PCP air guns. The brand names we carry are from the most innovative and dedicated industry leaders. No matter what you plan on using your air gun for, Armory has one that suits your style. Our selections of air pistols and air rifles are perfect for new shooters and experienced gun enthusiasts alike.


History of Air Guns

Air guns were developed in the mid to late 1500s and were based on the primitive blowgun. Early models from the 17th to the 19th century were used to hunt game such as deer and wild boar. They used one of the oldest forms of pneumatic technology, meaning that they were powered by compressed air or gasses and used a pump to fill an air reservoir to power them. During the 16th century, a spring replaced the reservoir. This spring was released by the trigger which actuated a piston that compressed air. This compressed air drove the projectile through the barrel of the gun.

Air guns were soon used on the battlefield. They had distinct advantages over the flintlock and matchlock firearms used at the time. This was because air guns could reliably fire during rain or snow. They were also quieter, had no muzzle flash, and were smokeless so they did not give away the shooter’s position. While this gave them the advantage in the beginning, over time, the complexity of the mechanisms and the slower muzzle velocity resulted in air guns moving from military applications to sports and recreation.

The 1800s brought improvements in the manufacturing methods for guns. 1886 saw the one of the first commercially successful, mass-produced air guns. This was manufactured by the William F. Markham’s Rifle Company. This release sparked a feud with a neighboring rifle company, the Plymouth Air Rifle Company, which later changed its name to Daisy Manufacturing Company and produced the well-known, all-metal Daisy BB gun.

During the late 1800s to the 1900s, there was a dramatic rise in the popularity of air guns and rifles, but not just for game hunting or pest control. Recreational shooting (plinking) and competitive sport shooting events, coupled with the increasing affordability of higher-powered pneumatic (PCP) rifles have evolved this sport into what we see today.

At Armory, we have chosen some of the top-rated styles of air guns from different manufacturers. Whether you are looking for a BB gun, pellet gun, air pistol, air rifle, PCP rifle, airsoft rifle, or any other type of air gun, we have you covered. Our styles have been carefully selected by our air gun experts. These were handpicked for their reliability, reputation, and track record. The brand names we carry are from some of the most innovative and dedicated industry leaders such as:

  • Beretta
  • Glock
  • Umarex
  • Marksman
  • And more!

No matter what you plan on using your air gun for, Armory has one that suits your style and needs. Our selection of air pistols and air rifles can be used by new shooters and experienced gun enthusiasts alike.

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If you are new to airgunning or a professional, we’d love to share with you the latest air guns we have to offer. We can help you choose from our selection of break barrels, CO2, and PCP air guns from top manufacturers. We want you to be happy from the first shot to the last, whether you are using it for backyard plinking or Olympic-style shooting.

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