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Shipping Restrictions (USA/Canada):

It is the responsibility of the customer to check with local customs, police
department, or constabulary to see if your location has restrictions.

Please understand that we are not responsible for any customs fees or duties that you may incur, for delays because of customs, or if the item you ordered gets seized by customs. (The following shipping restrictions represent company policy and should not be considered legal advice to customers. US and international laws are too numerous and always changing. So it is always important for the customer to check with their local constabulary before placing an order. Specific information regarding shipping restrictions is available on most official state websites or directly through offices of state secretaries or state legislatures.)

No Modern Guns to Canada (Post 1859)

Only replicas of flintlock, percussion, and cap and ball weapons can be shipped.

  • No Guns to Puerto Rico.
  • Some Restrictions throughout South America.
  • No Replica or Blank Guns to Sweden
  • Some Restrictions in Russia and other Asian Countries.
  • Blanks cannot be shipped out of the USA.
  • No Black METAL handguns to Japan.
  • Only gold or white in color.
  • Due to the VCR Act of 2007 we are unable to ship to the U.K.
  • No replica firearms to Australia or New Zealand.

Replica & blank firing gun models post 1878 are restricted:

  • This includes most automatic and semi-automatic replicas and ammunition.
  • New York city (all 5 boroughs)
  • State of Maryland
  • State of Rhode Island
  • State of wisconsin
  • Canada

Air Guns

Airguns cannot ship to NJ, RI, Bridgeport CT, Seaside CA, Simi Valley CA, Chicago, IL, Richmond VA, Philadelphia PA, Riverside County CA, Stratford CT, Cincinnati OH, Howard County MD, Richmond MI, and NY and/or NY City. We cannot ship this airgun to IL if it is 700fps or more.
You must be 18 or over to purchase an air gun, except in Santa Fe NM, where you must be 19 or older. This item is restricted from web sale in North Palm Beach FL

All replica & blank firing gun models and ammunition are restricted:

  • New York city (all 5 boroughs)
  • State of new jersey
  • State of Rhode island

Replica & blank firing gun models post 1898 are restricted:

  • This includes most automatic and semi-automatic replicas and ammunition
  • New York City (all 5 Boroughs)
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Aurora, Illinois
  • Topeka, Kansas
  • State of Connecticut
  • State of Maryland
  • State of Minnesota
  • State of New York
  • State of Pennsylvania
  • State of Rhode Island
  • State of Wisconsin
  • Puerto Rico
  • Canada


Any backordered item ships as soon as it becomes available. Please keep in mind that Armory cannot control the arrival date and the date we provide is an estimate and subject to change. If your item is no longer available, we will cancel the item from your order and notify you via email. If you have more questions about backorders please email info@armory.amped-dev.com for more