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Zoraki 2918 Blank Pistol - Black

Zoraki 2918 Blank Pistol - Black

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Great for training and theatrical use, the Zoraki 2918
features smooth slide action and operates with all the realism of a live
firearm. This front firing, semi-automatic blank gun has a realistic weight and
feel. The loud report of the 9mm PAK blank rounds are comparable to live
rounds making this the perfect replica for gun safety training, reenactments,
canine training, and films or theatre.

Semi Automatic – Double Action
Mechanism locked by hardened steel side button when clip is empty
Magazine release button at the bottom
Hardened steel reinforced cock
Hardened steel shell launcher and puller extractor
Steel-reinforced zinc alloy mechanism (slide)
Polymer frame

Blank Ammunition Caliber: 9MM P.A.K.
Magazine Capacity: 18 + 1
Barrel Length: 4.40"
Overall Length: 8.07"
Height: 5.63"
Width: 1.38"
Weight: 1.92lb

Blank pistol
Signal Flare Extension
Cleaning brush

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