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Stainless Steel Pauldrons - 16 Gauge

Stainless Steel Pauldrons - 16 Gauge

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These pauldrons are constructed from stainless steel plates riveted to thick internal leather strips which articulate the individual plates. Optional rondel discs can be tied onto the pauldrons with the included leather cords. The inside of the armor plates are blackened.

The armor is buckled into position with three sets of leather straps and steel buckles. A gorget or breastplate is highly recommended to pair with these pauldrons as they require an anchoring point for the upper shoulder. The pauldrons have an upper shoulder buckle and strap which can be buckled into a loop to fix around an anchoring point, or the pauldron strap can be fitted into a buckle on the gorget or breastplate.

A gorget was used to photograph these pauldrons - it has been artificially blackened in the photos because it is not included with the pauldrons. It is recommended that these pauldrons be paired with Epic Armoury brand gorgets and breastplates for an optimal fit.

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