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Scandinavian Vendel Chieftain's Sword with Damascus Blade - Brass Hilt with Tin Plated Accents

Scandinavian Vendel Chieftain's Sword with Damascus Blade - Brass Hilt with Tin Plated Accents

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This 8th Century Scandinavian Vendel Sword has a blade which is skillfully forged from Damascus steel and its brilliant and ripple-like patterning was created when several different steels were forged together into a single blade. Original swords of this type were usually created with pattern welded blades which, like damascus, were forged by melding together several different steels into a single blade in a process which left visible patterning on the blade surface.

The finely detailed guard and pommel of the hilt are made from quality-cast brass with an antiqued finish and these components are completed with contrasting bands of tin-plated brass for a silver-like contrast. Historically, tin was a prized decorative element for swords such as this due to its relative scarcity and resemblance to silver. The grip is made from hardwood and the blade is durably anchored into the hilt. Like originals, the pommel is a two-part construction created by riveting a pommel cap over the pommel base. Red enamel is inlaid into the pommel to give it a blaze of scarlet color as seen on the preserved swords of champions, nobles and chieftains.

Included with the sword is leather-bound scabbard of wood with antiqued brass fittings and a wooden suspension loop which can be used to sling the sword from your own sword belt or baldric.

Overall Length: 35 1/4''
Blade: 28 7/8'' 3 lbs 2.7 oz
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