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Roman 3rd Century Podlodow Spatha

Roman 3rd Century Podlodow Spatha

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This Roman 3rd Century Spatha is based on historical finds in Poland; this region was beyond the border of the Empire and swords such as this may have been common to Roman soldiery stationed and operating in the borderlands - or they may have been traded to people living beyond the border. Several of these swords have also been found within the boundaries of the Roman Empire in this time.

The blade of this reconstruction is made from high carbon steel and it is securely mounted into a hardwood hilt which is completed with brass banding. The sword comes with a wooden scabbard which is wrapped in tightly stitched red leather and completed with a brass chape and a suspension sling loop. Black cord banding finishes the scabbard and it can be worn by fitting your own belt or baldric through the brass suspension sling.

Overall Length: 35 3/16'' Blade: 28 15/16'' 2 lbs 6.7 oz

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