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Padded Chausses - Brown

Padded Chausses - Brown

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These padded gambeson chausses / leggings are made from thick and durable 85% cotton fabric and well-padded on the interior. A substantial layer of base protection for the legs, these chausses can be worn underneath armor or on their own. A pair of leather belt loops keeps them secured and upright when tied to a belt and ''stirrups'' at the feet keep them in synchronized movement with the lower leg. These stirrups may need to be adjusted for your particular height.

The photos demonstrate these chausses worn with an arming belt to support them. Arming belt is not included, but they are available separately under the Lord Of Battles brand. An arming belt is ideal for suspending this padded armor because it is a durable fabric belt with a thin profile which can be worn under other armor. Eyelets on an arming belt prevent the chausses from moving and because an arming belt lacks metal hardware it is unobtrusive and will not chafe the wearer or their other gear.

2 lbs 10 oz (weight of pair combined)

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