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Leg Armor Set / Cuisse and Poleyn - 16 Gauge Steel

Leg Armor Set / Cuisse and Poleyn - 16 Gauge Steel

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This matched set of medieval leg armor is crafted from 16 gauge steel and is well-articulated with sturdy swivel rivets. The knee armor allows for a wide range of movement and the uppermost plate is cunningly crafted so as to allow the plate to swivel outwards to greater expand freedom of movement. A hinged side plate gives improved protection to the outer leg.

The armor is fastened to the leg with thick leather straps and tabs which fastened to steel buckles which allow for the armor to be adjusted to fit. The thick leather tab at the top of the armor serves to give chafe protection and its integrated stainless steel eyelets allow for the armor to be laced onto an arming belt or girdle to ensure it is anchored and hung into a secure position to ensure that the leg armor does not slip down with use and movement. Pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the knee armor allow for the bottom of the armor to be laced and integrated onto an underlaying arming garment or for it to be fastened to other armor pieces.

Please Note: The demonstration photos show this armor being paired with other pieces of gear and padded clothing. Only the leg armor and some leather cords are included and these are shown on their own in the later photos - all other accessories seen are shown for demonstration only and are available separately. To assist in wearing and suspending this armor the demonstration model has the armor laced and suspended from a padded arming belt with the use of brass-capped aiglets.

23 3/8'' long x 7 1/4'' wide Weight of Individual Leg Armor: 5 lbs 10.7 oz

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