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Lamellar Torso Armor - 20 Gauge Steel

Lamellar Torso Armor - 20 Gauge Steel

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This lamellar torso armor is constructed from hundreds of plates of 20 gauge steel tied into form with thick leather cordage. The armor is bordered in thick suede leather. The shoulder is padded with leather on the interior to cushion the shoulder from the weight of the armor.

The armor is fastened and fitted to the body with leather cords on its side.

It is common for this armor to have some dried, brown oil and some light rust on the plates - they can be removed with a light abrasive.

Please Note: It is typical for the leather edging of this item to have a substantial amount of oil on and within the leather. The many overlapping plates require this oiling to prevent rust. Please be aware that light colored clothing and padded armor will likely be easily stained from wearing this type of armor.

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