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Lamellar Tasset Plates Set - 20 Gauge Steel

Lamellar Tasset Plates Set - 20 Gauge Steel

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These lamellar tassets are an easy way to upgrade your armored lamellar defense; they are constructed from many 20 gauge steel plates which are secured and laced into position with thick leather cord and edged within a frame of thick suede leather. Integrated belt loops allow them to be attached to your own belt for wear.

Please Note: It is common for this item to have dried brown oil on the edges of the armor. This can be cleaned up with a wire brush or scuff pads with moderate effort. Care must be taken not to damage the leather cords during this process with an overly vigorous or hasty cleaning. Also, please be aware that this item comes with a notable amount of packing oil on and within it. This is done intentionally to prevent excessive rusting between the many segmented metal components of this armor during shipping and transition.

Individual Tasset is 15 7/8'' x 11 3/8'' 7 lb 7 oz

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