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Lamellar Pauldrons Set - 20 Gauge Steel

Lamellar Pauldrons Set - 20 Gauge Steel

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This set of Lamellar Pauldrons are an add-on upgrade which can be used to add upper arm protection to the Lord of Battles Lamellar Torso Armor (LB25526). They are crafted from 20 gauge steel and constructed with thick leather lacing and robust leather framing.

A series of tabs and leather laces allow for the pauldrons to be laced onto the middle tab of the shoulder armor. The leather laces at the bottom of the pauldron can be used to tie around the arm to ensure it moves in sync with the arm. You may need to single up a cord to get enough length for this purpose - a simple knot in the end of a leather cord can be used as a stopper to prevent it from pulling through a round slot. You may find that you have extra laces that are not needed to install these shoulder armor pieces onto your torso armor. The torso armor has two additional tabs in the armpit area which can link up with the pauldron armor. You may or may not find these useful and may need to experiment to create the optimal set up for you and your needs when adding this additional armor.

Please Note: This armor is photographed with it attached to lamellar torso armor. This is done for demonstration purposes only. The torso armor is sold separately. The last few photos show the pauldrons on their own and is illustrative of what is included.

Please Note: It is typical for the leather edging of this item to have a substantial amount of oil on and within the leather. The many overlapping plates require this oiling to prevent rust. Please be aware that light colored clothing and padded armor will likely be easily stained from wearing this type of armor.

Individual pauldron is: 11 1/2'' long x 5 3/4'' Wide
Lamellar plates are 20 gauge in thickness Individual Pauldron is: 1 lb 10.4 oz

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