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Jackal Dual Compact 9mm Pistol Black Finish- Blank Firing

Jackal Dual Compact 9mm Pistol Black Finish- Blank Firing

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Perfect for stage, television, and film, the Jackal Compact
is modeled after the popular Beretta M92. This front-firing 9MM blank gun has a
working fire-selector switch which changes the pistol from semi-automatic to
full-auto. Both semi and full automatic are single action. With the pull of the
trigger in semi-auto, one round is fired and with a single pull of the trigger
in fully automatic the pistol will fire off 15 rounds in 1.9 seconds, so long
as the trigger is held. The safety is located near the trigger on the switch
actuator. The safety near the hammer is there for aesthetics only. The 15 round
clips eject with the push of a button and when loaded with 9MM PAK ammunition it
sounds like the real thing.




    - Weight: 2.5 lbs

      - Length: 7.5" x 5.5"

        - Caliber: 9mm PAK Blank Firing

          - Finish: Black

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