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Ikeda Urakazi Dragon Katana

Ikeda Urakazi Dragon Katana

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The Ikeda Urakazi Dragon Katana is a hand-crafted work of art and perfect for any collector. Ikeda
swords are some of the finest swords on the market and are never mass produced. The Dragon katana is no exception, and every individual sword is carefully hand-forged in a
Japanese studio based in China using traditional forging techniques. Its hand-crafted
blade is made from 1055 high carbon steel, is differential hardened using a
traditional claying method, and topped with a brass habaki.

The saya of this katana is stunning and features a golden pattern along
with a blue cotton sageo. Every tsuka includes real wood and only the finest authentic
tsukaito materials to give each their individual look. The patterned tsuba is
crafted from iron and finished with a golden finish.


- Overall: 40"

- Blade: 26

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