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Greek Linothorax Cuirass

Greek Linothorax Cuirass

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This recreation of Greek Linothorax is made from thick and durable high quality leather with exterior panels of linen which are finely stitched into place. This composite construction quite ably reconstructs the appearance and thickness of the Linothorax without incurring the difficult stiffness that comes from utilizing numerous layers of linen and glue. This also gets past the problem of the glued linen armor weakening when humid or wet weather weaken the bonds created by glues.

The chest of the armor has a large medallion of a Gorgon which is crafted from antiqued brass and stoutly riveted into place. The leather skirt Pteruges are durably stitched and integrated with the armored cuirass on both sides. The armor is worn by lacing it on the sides and shoulders with thick cords through brass rings and then adjusted to fit by tightening and loosening lacing as needed.

The Linothorax was a very common armor worn by Greek Hoplites and it was also extensively used by the Macedonian soldiers of Alexander the Great and the Etruscans of the Italic Peninsula. No examples survive so all details of this armor come from ancient art and references in literature. It us unknown whether the armor was mainly linen or whether the linen was just one material used in an overall composite which may also have included large amounts of leather.

Interior Circumference: 39’’ - 45’’ (adjustable)
Length: 29’’ (Neck to Bottom of Leather Pteruges)

Interior Circumference: 43’’ - 49’’ (adjustable)
Length: 29’’ (Neck to Bottom of Leather Pteruges)
Weight: 7 lbs 8 z

Interior Circumference: 48’’ - 54’’ (adjustable)
Length: 29’’ (Neck to Bottom of Leather Pteruges)
Weight: 7 lbs 13 oz

Please Note: It is common for the leather to have some light scuffs or scratches on it. Rubbing them over with a leather oil can blend them back into the leather. This treatment may darken the leather where the oil is applied so it is best used sparingly and evenly over a treated leather surface.

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