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BRNH - Chainmail Half Hauberk - Butted High Tensile Wire Round Rings

BRNH - Chainmail Half Hauberk - Butted High Tensile Wire Round Rings

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This half-hauberk of chainmail is designed to fill in the gaps between plate armor by having an encompassing underlayer of mail over critical areas. The design puts mail where it needs to be and fills in defensive gaps in the armpits, arms, torso sides and collar. By omitting the lower half of the torso (which is already well-protected by a plate or brigandine cuirass) it greatly reduces the total weight of your armored defense. The torso of the armor has been designed to have a tapered form which follows the shape of the torso so that it lays flat against your padded armor instead of hanging straight down where it would be considerably less useful.

The half-hauberk is constructed from butted round rings which are 16 gauge in thickness and with an internal diameter of 9 mm.

Construction: Butted Round Rings
Ring Type: Round Ring
Ring Size: 9 mm
Finish: Natural

Medium - fits Chest Size up to 43'' - Weight - 12 lbs 15 oz
Large - fits Chest Size up to 49'' - Weight - 15 lbs 6 oz

X-Large - Fits Chest Size up to 55'' - Weight - 18 lbs 8

2XL - Fits Chest Size up to 61'' - Weight - 21 lbs 3

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