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Black Non-Firing Replica Mare's Leg Rifle with Shells

Black Non-Firing Replica Mare's Leg Rifle with Shells

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Welcome to the Kolser X Series, replica guns like no other on the market. Kolser X Series has a loadable chamber and a shell ejection system that make the experience as realistic as possible. Made from the zinc alloy Zamak and a high-density resin that looks and feels like real wood, this Mare’s Leg rifle is 21.5 inches long, has a black finish, and comes with dummy shells designed specifically for the X Series rifles.

The first Mare’s Leg rifle was a customized piece used on the T.V. series Wanted: Dead or Alive (1958-1961) and was carried by Steve McQueen. The term “Mare’s Leg” has since become the generic term for any Winchester Mod 92 style rifle that has a shortened stock and barrel.

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