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Beeman PCP Underlever .22 Air Rifle

Beeman PCP Underlever .22 Air Rifle

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We are proud to present Beeman’s PCP Underlever .22 caliber Air Rifle. Pre-charged pneumatic rifles
are extremely powerful and accurate due to their fixed barrel design and a
favorite choice for serious airgun hunters. Reload time is reduced, and the
reservoir can be left filled if desired so the rifle can be ready for quick

Created in 1972 by Dr. Robert Beeman, Beeman Precision Airguns
has become one of America’s most successful airgun companies. Designed
specifically for American shooters, they import finely manufactured air guns
and rifles made by detailed German gunmakers. Perfect for all types of shooters
and several styles available, there is a Beeman for every budget.

All of our Beeman rifles are tested for quality and for
performance by the manufacturer before they ship out. This may delay shipping
times up to two weeks.

Pump not included