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Austro Hungarian Hussar Field Marshal's Saber

Austro Hungarian Hussar Field Marshal's Saber

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This replica of an Austro-Hungarian is recreated from an original belonging to Habsburg Army Field Marshal Andreas Hadik who embodied the famously daring character of the Hussar light cavalry with an remarkable action against the Prussian forces of Frederick the Great by taking Berlin after entirely outmaneuvering Frederick’s forces, smashing the Berlin garrison and then ransoming the city for a grand sum which he distributed amongst his cavalrymen.

The blade of this recreated famous cavalry commander is forged from high carbon steel which has been tempered. The blade is engraved on both sides with the sun, moon and saber and one side bears a slogan in latin identifying the sword as belonging to Hadik. The hilt is brass and the comfortable, ribbed leather grip is embellished with brass stars. The scabbard is wood which is encased and ornamented in fine brass and completed with brass hanging rings.

Overall Length: 39'' Blade: 33 1/8'' 2 lb 7.5 oz

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