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The knife has withstood the test of time as one of humanity’s oldest tools. Generation after generation continues to use knives in everyday life. And while the materials used to craft them have evolved, they have remained virtually the same for centuries.  

Armory carries a vast selection of knives from every era. Our collection of historical, fantasy, and tactical knives, daggers, and dirks are great for reenactments, cosplay, hunting, fishing, and everyday use.  

Stone Age civilizations began using simple, rough-edged knives crafted out of stone or flint. While unrefined and rough-edged, these tools created the basic template that knifemakers would use for centuries. 

During the Bronze Age, simple metalworking began to appear with the discovery of copper and bronze. Knives became more modern as metal blades replaced stone and flint. Knife-making turned into an art, and more durable and decorative cutting tools began to appear.

The Iron Age and the creation of steel advanced knife-making to a whole new level. This era produced some of the most recognizable knife blade designs and shapes, such as the dagger, Seax, Roman Pugio, and Japanese Tanto.

The 11th to the 19th century saw a shift as knifemakers focused more on combat knives and their effectiveness in battle. After the fall of Rome and before the Industrial Era, bladesmiths made some of the most well-known knives in history. Fighting blades like the karambit, kukri or khukuri, dirk, Navaja, and bowie all began to see use at this time.

The intricate design and ornate nature of historic knives changed with the industrialization of the modern world and the outbreak of two world wars. Knife design simplified as the need to mass-produce them became necessary. Fixed and folding blade tactical knives became readily available, and the modern tactical knife was born.

Armory has a wide selection of historical, fantasy, and tactical knives, daggers, and dirks. To view the items available, click on the categories.

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