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Types of Byrna Projectiles

Types of Byrna Projectiles

Byrna creates high-quality pepper ball guns. These are less-lethal self-defense weapons that fire projectiles filled with a chemical irritant. There are a few different types of Byrna projectiles available, and it's helpful to know the differences so you can select the best one for your needs.

Non-Irritant Projectiles

Practicing using your Byrna launcher can help you improve your accuracy. Of course, you wouldn't want to actually fire irritant-filed projectiles for practice. This is why Byrna has projectiles without irritants available, so you can hone your skills without the risks of using real projectiles.

These projectiles can also be used in a self-defense situation to help deter an attacker, and they do not break upon impact.

Kinetic Projectiles

Byrna's Kinetic Projectiles are solid plastic balls that you can fire from your launcher. They do not contain any active or inert ingredients, so you can use them safely for practice. However, you should still use reasonable caution and shouldn't fire these projectiles at any people or pets.

You can purchase Kinetic Projectiles in 95-count or 5-count packages. They are reusable.

Eco-Kinetic Projectiles

Eco-Kinetic Projectiles work similarly to Kinetic projectiles in that they are solid balls that do not contain an irritant. The difference is that these are made of a water-soluble material, making it easy and eco-friendly to clean up after a practice session.

These projectiles also use Byrna's proprietary Visual Impact (VI) Technology to help you see where the projectile hits your target during practice. They emit a small dispersion cloud and also leave a mark on the target after hitting it.

Byrna Eco-Kinetic Projectiles are available in a 95-count package and count only 30 cents a round when purchased in this quantity, making them highly cost-effective.

Chemical Irritants

For serious less-lethal protection, you can choose from two types of Byrna projectiles containing chemical irritants. Both of these options burst on impact, creating a cloud of irritants that can incapacitate a would-be attacker.

Pepper Projectiles

Byrna's Pepper Projectiles, formally known as Jingeballs, are filled with 5% Capsicum (OC). This makes them one of the most powerful real pepper projectiles on the market.

These are available in 25-count and 5-count options.

Max Projectiles

Max Projectiles use Capsicum as well as tear gas and have a higher concentration of chemical irritants than any other round currently on the market.

These are available in 25-count and 5-count packages.

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Byrna launchers and projectiles can help you protect yourself and your family. You can find Byrna items and other self-defense products at

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