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Byrna Max Projectiles (5ct)

Byrna Max Projectiles (5ct)

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Byrna Max Projectiles (5ct)

These pepper and tear gas blend projectiles have a higher concentration of chemical irritants than any other round found on today’s market. This blend has maximum stopping power and it is engineered to disperse quickly. Its quick acting and incapacitating effects may include burning in the throat, gasping, wheezing, dry cough, shortness of breath, nausea, gagging, burning of the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs, and an inability to breathe.

When fired, these rounds burst upon impact and within seconds create a cloud of chemical irritants that are designed to induce fear and anxiety into would be attackers.

*California Residents: Only Byrna HD Inert Projectiles and Byrna HD Kinetic Projectiles can not be shipped to California.

*We are sorry, at this time we do not ship any Byrna products to:


Manhattan, NY

Bronx, NY

Brooklyn, NY

Queens, NY

Staten Island, NY

Yonkers, NY

Washington, D.C.

Portland, OR

San Francisco, CA

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