Movie Swords

Hollywood has featured many swords and weapons in their movies and TV shows. Now you can own your own piece of entertainment history with one of our finely crafted replicas. Unless otherwise noted, all of these items are officially licensed and have been meticulously modeled after their original counterparts.

 Hobbit Glamdring the Sword of Gandalf

$167.00 Ex Tax: $167.00

The sword named Glamdring was forged by the high Elves of the West, in the hidden city of Gondolin. Glamdring survived, only to be found thousands of years later by Gandalf and his companions. This authentically detailed replica is a reproduction of the actual filming prop built used in the motion p..

 Hobbit Orcrist Sword of Thorin Oakenshield

$160.00 Ex Tax: $160.00

Thorin Oakenshield and his Company of Dwarves find an ancient Elven sword named Orcrist, forged by the high Elves of the West. Adorning the pommel is an emblem of the heraldry of Ecthelion of the Fountain. The hilt is shaped from the tooth of a dragon. The sword features a tempered AUS-6 stainless s..

 The Atlantean Sword

$332.00 Ex Tax: $332.00

This is an exact replica of the sword used onscreen in the classic movie Conan the Barbarian. From the intricate details on the guard and pommel to the deep runes on the powerful blade, this is truly a masterful reproduction by the master craftsmen at Windlass Steelcrafts.This sword is Sharpened..

300 Spartan Warrior Replica Sword

$54.95 $64.95 Ex Tax: $54.95

Some of the most brutal and efficient warriors in the ancient world hailed from Sparta. This is a replica sword carried by the famed King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae. Spartans were a military power second to none thanks in ..

47 Ronin 3-sword set

$299.99 $299.99 Ex Tax: $299.99

THREE EPIC limited edition swords, for one LOW PRICE! From the movie, 47 Ronin - featuring the Tengu Katana, Asano Clan Katana and Master Oshi’s Katana. Only 2,000 made worldwide. Production number of each sword etched onto the blade. You can only find this amazing deal here. Add these beauties ..

Asano Clan Katana - 47 Ronin

$189.99 $225.00 Ex Tax: $189.99

This Limited Edition katana is a licensed replica of the sword used by the Asano Clan from the  movie, 47 Ronin. It is crafted with traditional Japanese sword making techniques and is hand-forged from 1045 high-carbon steel. The wood handle is wrapped with genuine ray skin and premium cording. ..

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