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Byrna Pepper Projectiles (5ct)

Byrna Pepper Projectiles (5ct)

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Byrna Pepper Projectiles (5ct)

Personal protections is very important in today's world and what is the best protection for you can be challenging. Many people have turned to pepper spray as a non-lethal form of self-defense. Our Byrna pepper projectiles work with the Byrna launchers and allow you to defend yourself or your home at a distance. Made with 5% Capsicum (OC) they are one of the most powerful, all-natural, real pepper projectiles on the market.

For real stopping power when you need it the most, you will love Byrna Pepper Projectiles.

*California Residents: Only Byrna Inert Projectiles and Byrna Kinetic Projectiles can be shipped to California.

*We are sorry, at this time we do not ship any Byrna products to:


Manhattan, NY

Bronx, NY

Brooklyn, NY

Queens, NY

Staten Island, NY

Yonkers, NY

Washington, D.C.

Portland, OR

San Francisco, CA

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