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Foam Chain Nunchucks

Foam Chain Nunchucks

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These Foam Nunchucks are constructed of PVC pipe and covered with quality foam rubber. This gives them superior texture and thickness. These are attachced by a chain and ball bearing swivels are added for quicker reaction time.

Note: Due to state laws, we are not allowed to sell this item to the following states: CA, MA and NY.


In 1478, King Sho Shin declared it illegal for private citizens to posses weapons. Because of this decree, many people began trained with every day items. The nunchuku was originally a farming instrument that was used to flail rice and crush beans. This simple tool was soon realized to be a devastating weapon. When swung at speed, the nunchuku could deliver hundreds of pounds of striking force and was also very effective in deflecting and opponents attack.

Dimensions : 12"

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