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Side view of top venting Zoraki blank gun on a wooden shelf with wood paneling behind.

What Is The Best Use Of A Blank Gun?

What Is The Best Use Of A Blank Gun? 

A blank gun is a non-lethal weapon that is designed to fire cartridges that contain gunpowder but no actual bullet. It is commonly used for firing ceremonial volleys, as a starter’s pistol in track and field events, or as a special effects device in films and television shows. Additionally, blank guns may be used in theatrical productions or for self-defense.

Sporting Events

One of the best uses of a blank gun is as a starter’s pistol in track and field events. As most people know, when a race starts, a starter’s gun is fired into the air as a signal for competitors to begin. By firing a blank gun to start a race, track and field coaches and organizers are able to ensure the safety of their competitors. Blank guns are designed to produce a loud sound that can be heard by all competitors, but without the risk of harming anyone.

Film, Television, and Theater

Another popular use for blank guns is in film and television productions. Blank guns are often used as special effects devices to produce the sound of gunfire without the risk of having a real firearm on set. Additionally, blank guns can also be used to produce any number of other special effects, such as the sound of breaking glass or thunder. By using blank guns, producers are able to help ensure the safety of their cast and crew while still creating realistic and powerful effects. 

Blank guns can also be used in theatrical productions. By firing a blank gun on stage, actors are able to create a dramatic effect and draw the attention of the audience. Additionally, blank guns can be used in plays and musicals to emphasize certain moments.

Self-Defense Scare Tactic

Finally, blank guns may also be used as a last resort for self-defense. While they should not be relied upon as a primary form of defense, many people use blank guns in order to scare off potential assailants. You should NEVER pull a blank gun as a defense against a real firearm or weapon, or if you can see your assailant. They may have a real weapon and results could be deadly. 

By firing a blank gun, an individual is able to create a loud sound that can be heard by anyone in close proximity, thereby giving potential attackers pause, or the chance for neighbors to call the police. The best self-defense use for a blank gun is against animals. The report of a blank gun is often loud enough to scare away most wild animals.

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