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Right side view of pepperbox revolver with wooden grip.

Replica Gun Focus: Pepperbox Revolver

Replica Gun Focus: Pepperbox Revolver

The 1837 Pepperbox revolver is a unique and interesting piece of firearms history. This six-barrelled revolver was invented by the American gunsmith Elisha Collier and was the first commercially successful revolver to be mass-produced. It was a significant step forward in the development of firearms and is still highly sought after by collectors today.

Designed for the Rugged West
This revolver was a multi-shot pistol that was designed for use in the American West during the early to mid-1800s. The name “Pepperbox” is derived from the weapon’s distinctive design, which features six barrels arranged in a circular pattern. The revolver was engineered to fire multiple shots from one loading, and its barrels could be rotated to the next round with a simple twist of the hand.

The 1837 Pepperbox revolver was produced in the United States by the E.A. Collier Manufacturing Company, which was founded in 1836. The revolver was made of durable brass, and it was fitted with a wooden grip and trigger. The revolver was chambered for .36 caliber percussion caps and was made with a five- or six-inch barrel.

Pepperbox Usage
The 1837 revolver was a popular and successful weapon, and it was used by many law enforcement officers and frontiersmen during its heyday. It was reliable and easy to use, and its six-barrel design made it a formidable close-combat weapon. The revolver also proved to be durable, as many of the originals are still in working condition today.

Pepperbox Shortcomings
The Pepperbox revolver was not without its drawbacks. The revolver’s six-barrel design was slow to reload and its accuracy was limited, making it less than ideal for long-range shooting. Additionally, the revolver’s brass construction was prone to corrosion, which could cause the weapon to malfunction.

Kolser Non-firing Replica 1837 Pepperbox Revolver
The 1837 Pepperbox revolver is an iconic piece of firearms history and one that is highly prized by collectors. Our replica revolver is manufactured by Kolser in Spain and is a highly detailed, high-quality replica.

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