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Replica Blank Guns and Their Uses

Replica Blank Guns and Their Uses

Replica guns are a great way for a beginner gun enthusiast or collector to learn about history, and to display some of the great weapons of the past and present. These guns are made to look and feel as close as possible to the original firearm, but are unable to fire real ammunition. While some of our replicas fire blanks and others have real working parts that mimic the originals, all of our replica gun models are crafted out of premium materials with an attention to detail that is second to none.  

Blank Firing Guns

Blank firing weapons are almost identical to their firing counterparts. These guns use brass and metal shells, loaded with gunpowder and a primer, just like the real thing. The only thing missing is the bullet at the end of the blank shell. Blank firing guns have a multitude of uses. However, they cannot be made to shoot real ammunition without being extensively modified, which is illegal.

Uses of Blank Guns

Blank firing pistols have been used for generations as a signaling device for races such as track and field races or swim meets. Athletes use the sound of the gun and in some instances, the smoke from the barrel as their signal to start the event. Because this type of pistol does not fire real bullets, there is no danger for the athletes or spectators from either being accidentally shot or struck by a bullet as it falls to the ground after being fired up into the air. 

Blank guns are also commonly used on stage, while filming for television and movies, and for re-enactors.  Blank pistols and rifles make the perfect stage props as they look and sound the part without the danger that live ammunition brings. 

Since many blank guns operate, look, and feel just like real guns, they are a fantastic way to begin training a person on proper gun handling. There is also much less kick when firing one so learning to shoot with a blank gun is much less intimidating.  Not only are they good for training civilians, but police, military, and hunting dogs can also benefit from training in the presence of a blank gun. Because there is no live ammunition, participants remain safe while learning to be calm around loud noises like gunshots and while practicing important skills like how to disarm a potential shooter.  

Many gun enthusiasts want to own real guns. This is not always practical. Gun restrictions, licensing, and regulations may prevent them from gun ownership. Blank guns are often more affordable and can offer collectors who may not be able to own a real firearm the chance to display historic pieces at a fraction of the cost of the originals. Some history buffs combine their replica firearms with swords, shields, helmets, and other historical collectibles to create stunning displays for their homes or businesses.

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