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Left side of snup nose revolver with wooden grip, taken outside on a wood frame.

Non-Firing Revolver: Snub Nose

Non-Firing Revolver: Snub Nose

The Western Snub Nose Revolver is a classic firearm that has been around since the mid-1800s. It is a single-action revolver, meaning that it must be manually cocked and fires one shot at a time. The Western Snub Nose has a shorter barrel than many other revolvers, making it easier to conceal and draw quickly in a defensive situation. This also makes it a popular choice for cowboy action shooting and other Wild West-themed competitions. But what makes this revolver so popular?


The Western Snub Nose is known for its reliable performance and dependability. It has a distinctive look, with a short barrel, large caliber, and a single-action trigger. The pistol typically uses a six-round cylinder, although some models may feature eight or even twelve-round cylinders. It also features a safety mechanism that prevents the hammer from striking the firing pin without the trigger being pulled.

As Seen on TV

The Western Snub Nose has been featured in a variety of films, television shows, and video games. It is a popular sidearm for cowboys, outlaws, and lawmen alike. Its short barrel makes it ideal for close-quarters combat. The classic design and reliable performance make the Western Snub Nose a favorite for gun enthusiasts and casual shooters alike.

Classic Style

Whether you’re looking for a sidearm for cowboy action cosplay or a classic firearm for personal display, our replica Western Snub Nose Revolver is an excellent choice. Its classic design, realistic action, and unique look make it a great choice for a variety of applications.

Western Snub nose In a Variety of Finishes

Each non-firing replica gun  is painstakingly reproduced to look and feel like the original. Perfect for even the most discerning firearm enthusiast.

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