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Introducing Aselkon

Introducing Aselkon

Introducing Aselkon 

Armory is proud to introduce Aselkon air rifles to the United States. Turkey has a long history of firearm and air gun manufacturing. Aselkon is proud to follow on that path as one of the largest and most experienced air gun manufacturers in Turkey. Their high-quality air rifles are durable, powerful, and look great. They would make a great addition to any air gun enthusiast’s collection. 

Here is what makes Aselkon air rifles stand apart:

Quality Materials 

It is no secret that to have a superior air rifle you need to start with the very best materials. Aselkon only accepts raw materials that pass their strict entrance quality control tests. From lavish Turkish hardwoods to pure metals, you can be assured that your Aselkon air rifle is made from the highest-quality materials available. 

When your rifle is made from the best materials, it looks better and is more durable This means you can enjoy it for longer without worrying about repairing or replacing parts. The investment in a top-quality gun pays off over time, and this is what you get when you choose Aselkon. 

Innovative Design 

Aselkon is at the forefront of engineering and design, for air guns as well as their other products.  As one of the largest and most experienced air gun and firearm manufacturers in Turkey, their engineers, designers, and technical staff are constantly pushing themselves to design and create truly exceptional air rifles and shotguns. They use computer-aided design to assist their innovations. 

Seamless Manufacturing

Aselkon’s modern integrated production facility designs, manufactures, and assembles all the parts of their rifles. This includes wood and metal processing, honing, injection molding, welding, engraving, barrel production and drilling, and more. Every single piece is thoughtfully conceived, manufactured, and strictly tested for quality in Askelson’s state-of-the-art facility.  

Because every air rifle is manufactured under one roof, it allows Aselkon to control every aspect that goes into making an exceptional air rifle. This means that you get a better quality product compared to companies that outsource multiple steps of the process. Aselkon takes pride in producing their designs and it shows.  

Aselkon Cares

Another quality that helps Aselkon stand out is their willingness to listen to their importers and end consumers and their drive to continually improve their products. This dynamic relationship between manufacture, supplier, and user is critical to producing the best rifles on the market.

Aselkon Air Rifles at Armory

Armory offers a selection of Aselkon pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifles. You can use these guns for air gun hunting or plinking and they are of excellent quality. We have a variety of options in .177, .22, and .25 calibers. In addition to the rifles, we have accessories including magazines and carrying cases. 

We also have a selection of air guns from other manufacturers and source only the best products available, whether you are purchasing air guns, replicas, or blank-firing guns. 

Browse our selection of Aselkon air rifles at

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