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How Does a Blank Gun Work

How Does A Blank Gun Work

Owning a gun that fires blanks has many benefits. They can be used as a signaling device, for training gun handling and safety, for use by film, TV, and stage companies, and for collectors that cannot own an actual gun or may not want one for liability purposes. But how does a blank gun work?

To understand how blank guns function, you need to know what the shell or cartridge is and how it is constructed. The shell is what is loaded into the gun and most people call this the bullet however, the bullet is only one part of the cartridge. These parts are:

  • Case – This is the outside of the shell and is typically made from brass. The case holds everything together.
  • Primer – Located at the bottom of the cartridge the primer ignites the gunpowder when hit with the firing pin inside the gun.
  • Gunpowder – The explosive material that propels the bullet, or in the case of a blank gun, this material is what causes the loud retort when the gun is fired. It is usually contained in the shell within wadding or by crimping the end of the shell closed.  
  • Bullet – This is the actual projectile that is fired out of a standard gun. The bullet usually contains a lead core that is covered by a hard metallic case. This part of the cartridge sticks out at the top and gives it the familiar “bullet” shape.

Blank guns are designed to fire shells that have primer and gunpowder but no bullet. The top of the shell is crimped or covered with a wad that keeps the gunpowder from seeping out.

Are Blank Guns Dangerous?

Blank guns are dangerous and should be treated the same way as a typical firearm. They look and sound like their real counterparts and can be mistaken for a real gun. It is always important to practice firearm safety whenever using any type of gun including blank guns.

While blank guns do not fire an actual projectile, blank shells frequently contain a plastic or paper wad that seals the powder in. When a blank gun is fired, the pressure wave caused by the combustion of the gunpowder can travel out the barrel and push this wad out of the gun. At close range, this can cause severe penetrating wounds.

The muzzle blast alone can also cause damage to someone at close range. This cloud of hot, expanding gas exits the gun at an extremely high velocity and is dangerous to anyone in the line of fire.

Advantages of Owning a Blank Gun

Blank guns are designed to look and feel like real guns, and this makes them ideally suited for practicing gun handling skills without the danger of a standard firearm. New shooters benefit as they can practice safely, and the kick from the blank pistol is often less, so firing them can be less scary. Many blank guns operate and can be field stripped which can also help them gain confidence before moving onto a real firearm.

Training with a blank firing replica gun can also benefit law enforcement and military canines. These animals must remain calm around loud noises, and some need to identify guns and learn how to disarm an attacker. Blank guns can be used for this type of training, all while keeping the animal and handler safe.  

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