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Choosing a Blank Gun for Stage and Screen

Blank guns are essential pieces of equipment for stage and screen performances, as they are commonly used to simulate the firing of real firearms in environments where discharging real firearms is not safe or practical. However, due to their power and potential lethality if used incorrectly, it is critical that the proper blank gun is chosen for a show so that an actor’s safety is maintained. This blog will discuss the various factors that need to be considered when choosing a blank gun for stage and screen performances.

Types of Blank Guns

When it comes to choosing a blank gun, there are a few different types to take into consideration. The most common is the starter pistol, which is usually a black version of a real handgun that can fire “blank cartridges”. These blanks will fire a loud report and emit a puff of smoke but are not capable of producing a projectile.
Furthermore, there are revolvers and automatic blank guns, which are usually variants of real guns. These blank guns fire real cartridges, but they contain no propellant and are therefore much less dangerous. However, they still produce a loud noise and are capable of producing a projectile, so proper safety precautions must be taken.

Caliber and Power

Another important factor in choosing a blank gun is the caliber and power. Most blank guns are .380 or 9mm caliber, and the power of the blank cartridge should match the power of the gun. It is also important to consider how powerful the blank cartridges are, as they can be anything from mild to full-power. Depending on the environment and performance, a higher or lower power may be more appropriate, and this decision should be discussed with the director of the production.

Safety Considerations

Finally, when selecting a blank gun, it is essential to take into account all safety considerations. When using a blank gun, actors must always wear appropriate safety gear, such as eye and ear protection. This is especially important when using a high-power blank gun, as there is a risk of the shell casing flying off and potentially injuring someone. Additionally, all personnel involved with the production should be trained on how to properly use and handle the blank gun.

When choosing a blank gun for stage and screen, it is essential to be aware of the type of performance, environment, and audience being viewed.

It is essential to be aware of the type of blank gun being used, its caliber and power, and any safety considerations that should be taken into account. By following these guidelines, actors and crew members can ensure a safe and successful production.At Armory we carry many styles of blank and non-firing guns for stage, television, and film.

Call us today to discuss your needs and one of our knowledgeable staff will help you select the best gun for the job.

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