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Byrna TCR Facts & Benefits

All About The Byrna TCR

Byrna offers high-quality non-lethal self-defense weapons that shoot projectiles filled with chemical irritants. One of their newest innovations is the Byrna Tactical Compact Rifle (TCR). This launcher is approved by the pros and has been used by private security firms, law enforcement, and government agencies. If you're looking for serious (and seriously cool) home protection, look no further.

What Is The Bryna TCR?

The Byrna TCR is a magfed pepper ball launcher. It looks like a military-style compact rifle and features four Picatinny rails for easy customization and upgrades. The kit includes not only the launcher but also 7-round and 12-round magazines and a fully padded carry case.

Benefits Of Using The Bryna TCR

Less-Lethal Protection

A gun that shoots pepper projectiles is an excellent alternative to firearms for situations when you want to respond to a threat without using lethal force. The chemical irritants contained in Byrna projectiles cause a range of reactions and can stop a would-be attacker in their tracks, giving you time to escape the situation. Many individuals, including professionals, choose to have multiple options on hand so they can choose their weapon based on the situation at hand. Having a Byrna launcher gives you this flexibility.


Purchasing a Byrna TCR does not require a permit or background checks, and traveling with this or another Byrna launcher is easier than traveling with a firearm. However, be sure to check regulations in your jurisdiction, as there may be some restrictions.

Large Range

The Byrna TCR can shoot a projectile up to 125 feet. This is compared to the already impressive 60-foot range of the Byrna SD. Having both a larger rifle-style Byrna launcher (like the TCR or Mission Four) and a smaller, pistol-style version allows for versatility in a wide range of situations.

Functions Even In Tough Conditions

This launcher, as well as other Byrna products, continues to function even after being fully submerged in water. This makes it a great choice for when you need protection in tough conditions.

Great for Backyard Training

Kinetic projectiles do not contain a chemical irritant and can be used for backyard training sessions. You don't need to go to a range to hone your skills with your Byrna TCR.


Home protection is a serious matter and Byrna's products prove themselves to be high-quality options for when you need the best non-lethal protection available. While aesthetics is not necessarily a central concern, there's also no denying that the Byrna TCR looks impressive. You can enjoy the aesthetics of a military-style compact rifle without the regulations that come with a firearm.

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