Western Replicas

The “Wild West” began in 1775, but it’s the stories of the mid 1800’s that capture most people’s imaginations: Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, and stories of a lawless time when the gun on your hip was the difference between life and death. The Armory offers a wide selection of replicas pistols from this time period.  

.22 Caliber Blank Firing Derringer- Nickel Finish

$77.99 $97.00 Ex Tax: $77.99

This M1866, .22 CALIBER DOUBLE BARREL DERRINGER, was a favorite hideaway gun of outlaws and gamblers.  It has an authentic, working action, and swing locking lever.  The barrels swing up for easy loading.  Cam action allows hammer to strike first one barrel then the other.  Th..

1866 Double Barrel Derringer Non-Firing/ Brass Finish

$43.99 $54.00 Ex Tax: $43.99

Designed by William Elliot, this famous .41 caliber, two-shot, single-action derringer was manufactured for over forty years.  The hinged barrel of this replica gun swings upward for easy reloading.  This Old West collectible has engraved barrels and plastic grips.  Features: ..

1881 Street Howitzer Non-Firing Gun

$120.99 $150.00 Ex Tax: $120.99

This cut-down version of the famous Coach Gun was a favorite among barkeeps throughout the Wild West.  It was also known as a "Street Howitzer".  Doc Holiday is known to have carried a similar weapon to the gunfight at the OK Corral.  Features Break open barrel and functioning hammer ..

Boston Tea Party Deluxe Frame Set Dark Wood

$30.99 $38.00 Ex Tax: $30.99

The Boston Tea Party tax rebellion is immortalized in this historic frame set, featuring a full-size, replica tomahawk.  Displayed with the tomahawk is a print of "The Boston Boys Throwing Tea into the Harbor" and a brass identification plaque.Features:- Dark Wood- Frame size: 18" x 7"- Weight:..

Cavalry Barrel Revolver Non-Firing/ Antique Grey Finish

$68.99 $86.00 Ex Tax: $68.99

This classic cavalry M1873 Old West Revolver has a 7.5" barrel and a realistic trigger, cylinder, and hammer action works just like our popular models with shorter barrel lengths.  This is a classic staple in the world of Old West replicas.  Cock it, spin it, and pull it - just like in the..

Deluxe Texas Ranger Frame Set Dark Wood

$108.99 $135.00 Ex Tax: $108.99

Our classic fast draw pistol with star on wood grips is mounted on our stained wood frame.  Working action which allows you to cock the hammer, spin the cylinder and operate the shell ejector.  Complete with authentic replica silver Texas Ranger badge, reproduction photo of Texas Rangers a..

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