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Baron's Tunic

$75.60 $84.00 Ex Tax: $75.60

A truly beautiful tunic of the Holy Land in a heavy, 100% cotton weave.  Quartered in off-white and blood red panels with back-to-back gold embroidered lions rampant and antique gold trims.  Dry clean only. ..

Gladiator Tunic

$50.15 $59.00 Ex Tax: $50.15

This is the basic blue tunic of a slave, who was chosen to fight for his freedom in the arenas of Rome.  This simple, rough weaved tunic is made of 100% cotton with unfinished edges, giving it a peasant-like appearance.  Blue. S/M or L/XL. ..

Greek Tunic

$50.15 $59.00 Ex Tax: $50.15

This short cut tunic is perfect for either the market streets or under any Greek armor.  The sleeves and bottom are accented with a Greek trim which emulates the waves of the Aegean.  100% cotton.  Available in S/M and L/XL. Works well with any of our period belts (belt not included)...

Huntingdon Brown Under Tunic

$50.15 $59.00 Ex Tax: $50.15

The Lord of Huntingdon Under Tunic is a great piece of medieval clothing suitable for feast or everyday wear.  Can be worn under many of our medieval apparel.  Combined with the green over tunic , the two make for an adventurous combination.  Eyelets with leather lace embellish the co..

Huntingdon Green Over Tunic with Hood

$81.00 $90.00 Ex Tax: $81.00

The Lord of Huntingdon Over Tunic can be worn alone or with any under garment.  It is shown here with our Huntingdon Brown Under Tunic.  The "archers" sleeves fall freely open when your arm is raised, while the full hood allows for perfect anonymity.  Both tunic and hood are edged wit..

Knightly Tabard

$54.00 $60.00 Ex Tax: $54.00

A great simple costume for any event! Made of strong, durable 100% cotton fabric, these tunics have a full polyester lining.  One-sized, they are open on the sides and have both a front and rear split for ample movement.  Hand washable.  Choice of Red/Black, Blue/Black, Red/Blue or Ye..

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