In the early 14th century, an improved crossbow was developed that could easily penetrate chainmail. Because of this, armor with deflecting surfaces became necessary. By the middle of the 14th century suits of full plate armor began to be utilized and what most people envision as the knight in shining armor was born.

Churburg Suit of Armour

$1,611.75 $2,149.00 Ex Tax: $1,611.75

This fully wearable suit is based on the famous #13 harness housed in the Castle of Churburg in Italy.  Believed to have been made in Milan during the second half of the 14th century, this high quality armour is one of the earliest known examples of a near-intact harness.  This armour typi..

Duke of Burgandy Armor

$1,995.99 $2,496.00 Ex Tax: $1,995.99

The Duke of Burgandy Armor is not only articulated and wearable, it is constructed of 18 gauge steel and will probably work as well as the original!  Built on a mannequin, this suit is shipped assembled. ..

Gothic Suit of Armor

$1,999.99 $2,496.00 Ex Tax: $1,999.99

Large sections of plate armor began to be added to chain-mail armor during the middle of the 13th century.  This continued until full plate armor developed sometime in the late 14th century.   Two main centers for the production of plate armor were Germany and Italy.  This suit o..

Gothic Suit of Armour

$1,461.75 $1,949.00 Ex Tax: $1,461.75

A fully articulated and wearable full harness in the German Gothic Style of the late 15th Century Amour. The ridged radiating patterns embossed on the breastplate, cuisses and the pauldrons and the fluted gauntlets are also typical features of Armour made in southern Germany during this period. ..

Milanese Suit of Armour

$1,874.25 $2,499.00 Ex Tax: $1,874.25

This Milanese full harness displays the characteristic robust and rounded appearance of Armour produced in northern Italy throughout the 15th Century.  This Armour will provide protection for the re- en actor . Features: - Crafted in 16 gauge steel - 14 gauge helmet - Fully ..

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