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The Armory offers a wide selection of replica sets ranging from the Colonial time period to modern day. These make a perfect gift and also are a great accent to most any décor. To view the sets available, click on the photos below.

British Dueling Flintlock Boxed Set

$92.99 $116.00 Ex Tax: $92.99

Manufactured in England during the mid 1700's, these two handsome dueling flintlock pistols defended many a man's honor in their day.  Details of these replica guns include a full length wood stock, simulated brass brass barrel and trigger guard, and an embossed butt plate.  Non firing rep..

Civil War Deluxe Replica Lee And Jackson Revolver Box Set

$116.99 $145.00 Ex Tax: $116.99

This set includes reproductions of Generals Lee & Jackson at 'The Last Meeting' at Chancellorsville, VA on May 1, 1863, a Cavalry insignia and CSA hatpin.  A simulated nickel and brass engraved, full-size, non-firing M1851 Navy percussion model sits in a foam mold with a velvet-like finish...

Civil War Gettysburg Boxed Revolver Set

$116.99 $145.00 Ex Tax: $116.99

This handsome set includes a full-size, non-firing M1860 army percussion revolver inserted into a custom foam mold with velvet-like finish.  An engraving depicts General Pickett's Confederate troops attacking Union troops at the Battle of Gettysburg.  The collection is complete with a cava..

Civil War Lincoln Assassination Replica Pistol Box Set

$58.99 $73.00 Ex Tax: $58.99

On Good Friday, April 14, 1865, confederate sympathizer John Wilkes Booth shot and killed one of the greatest presidents in American history, Abraham Lincoln, as he watched a production of "Our American Cousin" at Ford's Theater in  Washington D.C.  The assassination was part of the greate..

Colonial George Washington Deluxe Boxed Flintlock Set

$111.99 $139.00 Ex Tax: $111.99

This historic set includes a reproduction of General Washington's classic holster pistol, a colorized reproduction print of Washington's "Crossing the Delaware" and a brass identification plaque with his signature.  The collection is nestled in a black foam mold with velveteen finish inside a h..

Deluxe Civil War Confederate Collectors Set Dark Wood

$99.99 $124.00 Ex Tax: $99.99

The Southern percussion six-shot (cap and ball) revolver circa 1860, was manufactured by Griswold & Gunnison near Macon, Georgia.  Action works like the original. Deluxe black finish, brass frame and wood grips.  Displayed with pistol is a print of The Confederate troops at the Battle ..

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