Replica Rifles

Careful detail goes into the design and construction of each replica rifle. This ensures that they are the same dimensions as its historic counterpart. Although these are non-firing, each has a functional locking mechanism, revolving cylinders, moving levers and working ejector systems. Replica rifles are a perfect way to add a bit of history to your decor.

M1892 Banded Lever Action Rifle

$185.99 $232.00 Ex Tax: $185.99

This is perhaps the most famous and classic western rifle, commonly depicted in your favorite old west movie.  This replica gun features a working lever action, trigger, and hammer.  All the functions work just like the original, but this is a non-firing replica.  The barrel has a blu..

M1892 Lever Action Rifle- Non-Firing/ Antiqued Finish

$153.99 $192.00 Ex Tax: $153.99

This popular model was known as "little 86" for its fast and smooth action.  It comes complete with wooden stock and working lever action.  This is a real piece of the Old West that will look great on a frame with Buffalo Hangars. Features: - Length: 37" - Weight: 5.5 lbs ..

M1892 Lever-Action Rifle Non-Firing/ Blued Finish

$160.99 $200.00 Ex Tax: $160.99

The 1892 loop-lever western carbine has been seen in many movies, but was first made famous in the Rifleman.  This loop-lever replica has an antiqued brass finish and initials on the butt stock. Features: - Length: 37" - Weight: 5.5 Lbs ..

Old West 8MM Blank Firing Western Rifle

$184.99 $230.00 Ex Tax: $184.99

This M1894 Lever Action Western Rifle fires 8mm Blanks.  This deluxe model features Italian craftsmanship using European hardwood.  It Measures 36" in length, weighs 2.75 lbs. with a 17" blued barrel and receiver.  This blank firing replica looks, feels, and acts like the expensive or..

Old West Coach Gun- Non-Firing

$136.99 $170.00 Ex Tax: $136.99

WORLD FAMOUS “COACH GUN"! If you’ve ever called “SHOTGUN!” getting into a car, this is where it all started.  The Coach Gun received its moniker on the stagecoach runs of the Wild West, when outlaws and Indians targeted lonely coaches on long and uncertain trails through difficult and often hos..

Old West Mare's Leg Rifle Non-Firing Gun

$120.99 $150.00 Ex Tax: $120.99

This is the cut-down version of the loop lever 1892 that was made famous in the TV series "Wanted Dead or Alive".  Our authentic non-firing model features an antiqued grey receiver with saddle ring, working lever action, wood forestock and cut down shoulder stock, cut down 10" metal barrel, and..

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