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Beeman .177 Gas Ram Air Rifle Combo

Beeman .177 Gas Ram Air Rifle Combo

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If you are looking for something exciting and new, then
welcome to the world of gas ram air rifles. These rifles operate using a
nitrogen filled gas piston instead of a coiled steel spring. There are several
advantages to a gas ram rifle. These rifles have an easier cocking force and
are not likely to be adversely affected by the temperature. They can also be
left cocked for long periods of time without damaging the integrity of the gas
piston or losing velocity like steel springs. Along with these features this
technology is generally much quieter than its spring counterparts and recoil is
dramatically reduced.

This Beeman .177 Gas Ram Air Rifle Combo is a great
choice if you are looking for a reliable and accurate air rifle.This rifle has a synthetic stock and is
perfect for target shooting, plinking, or hunting. Shoot all day long and never
need to change out CO2 or carry around bulky hand pumps or tanks.This rifle cocks by breaking the barrel down
and then back up. It is a great choice for new shooters and experienced hunters