Pole Arms

A pole arm is a close combat weapon where a blade is fitted to the end of a long shaft. This extended the user’s range and made them more effective in combat. These weapons also greatly improved the odds for foot soldiers when they had to battle mounted units. The Armory offers a wide selection of pole arms from varies time periods in history.     

Celtic Spear

$205.20 $228.00 Ex Tax: $205.20

Wider flared blades were widely used by our Celtic ancestors for hunting as well as in battle.  They were more effective in downing a charging animal as the blade was wider and created a more lethal wound.  It was equally effective in battle, ripping holes in chain-mail, armor and flesh. E..

German Halberd

$223.20 $248.00 Ex Tax: $223.20

This design originated in Germany during the Middle Ages.  The head of this awesome weapon is hand forged from blackened steel and is secured with hand wrought nails to a rectangular, blackened and seared wood handle.  This polearm features a sharp blade on one side, a downward curved spik..

Halberd Swiss 17th Century

$76.99 $95.00 Ex Tax: $76.99

The Halberd was a two handed pole weapon topped with a shaped axe head designed for stabbing, gashing, and slashing.  It's extended length enabled it to better equip its wielder against horse mounted attackers with longer weapons.  The Halberd was widely used in 14th-15th Centuries and is ..

War Spear

$161.25 $215.00 Ex Tax: $161.25

At 6' 8" long, on a 1" diameter shaft, the Paul Chen War Spear (XH1078) has a distinct Viking ancestry and Frankish styling.  The lugged head is balanced by a tailspike, providing the ultimate in pillaging pieces. Made by Hanwei. Made In China Features: Forged s..

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