Aiel Pants

$49.50 $55.00 Ex Tax: $49.50

The Aiel are a race of people who live in a desert, which they call the Three-fold Land.  They have earned a reputation as skilled warriors.  These Aiel pants are grey with a button-up front.  Choose S/M or L/XL. ..

Airship Pants

$71.10 $79.00 Ex Tax: $71.10

These chocolate brown cotton blend pants have piping along the pockets with five antiqued brass buttons (which match the Airship Flying Vest) at the split bottom cuffs.  Order S, M, L or XL. ..

Britannia White Pants

$44.10 $49.00 Ex Tax: $44.10

These tight-fitting white cotton Britannia military pants are period perfect.  Comes complete with adjustable suspenders and boot stirrups, perfect for many styles and costumes, including Steampunk.  Order S, M, L or XL. Also available in Black. ..

Clockwork Pants

$76.50 $85.00 Ex Tax: $76.50

These period black pants feature a detailed floral embroidery design adorning the suspenders.  100% cotton.  Available in S, M, L or XL. ..

Drawstring Pants

$38.25 $45.00 Ex Tax: $38.25

These 100% cotton drawstring waist pants fit sizes 28" - 50", just like the olden days.  Whether you wear them loose, wrap the legs with cord or stuff them in your boots, these pants go with most period outfits.  One size fits most.  Also available in XXL (fits up to 60") for $5 more...

Dueling Pants

$67.15 $79.00 Ex Tax: $67.15

These period knee black knee britches have a royal satin-like finish.  They feature a button-up front with a lace-up back and laced calves.  100% cotton, available in sizes S/M or L/XL. ..

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