The kama was originally a traditional Filipino and Japanese farming implement similar to a sickle or scythe and was used for cutting grass and reaping crops. In 1470 it began being utilized as a fighting weapon. The Armory offers a wide selection of kamas that come in different lengths, shapes, and finishes.

Competition Kamas

$45.95 Ex Tax: $45.95

These Competition Kamas features 5 bored holes in the blade to reduce resistance.  The ash handle has leather wrist slings and is planned on one side to indicate direction during spins.  The blade is made from rust resistant stainless steel and can be sharpened.  Competition Kamas are..

Graphite Kamas

$31.99 Ex Tax: $31.99

These light weight graphite kamas are great for kobudo training.  They feature a 6.5" chrome-protected pierced blade and a 12" wood handle that comes in a shimmer-finish.  Available with red, black or blue graphite coated handles.  These unsharpened kamas come with leather lanyards an..

Ninja Kusara Kama

$23.99 Ex Tax: $23.99

The Ninja Kusara Kama is not your typical kama.  This weapon is designed to resemble a traditional kama, but the bottom part of the shaft unscrews to reveal a black linked chin that extends to 25 inches and allows for the Ninja Kusara Kama to become an intense ranged weapon.  With a black ..

Steel Kamas

$21.99 Ex Tax: $21.99

These steel kamas are designed to have a traditional appearance with improved speed for modern performance.  Wooden handle is 15" long and 1" in diameter.  Comes complete with wrist slings for secure hold.  Sold in pairs.  Disclaimer: Due to state laws, we are not all..

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