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Gladiator Arena Helmet

$207.99 $259.99 Ex Tax: $207.99

The gladiatorial games were originally established by the Etruscans, but were later adopted by the Romans as a means of entertainment.  Gladiators were typically picked from prisoners of war, slaves, and sentenced criminals.  The life expectancy of an average Gladiator was less than a y..

Gladiator Helmet

$160.20 $178.00 Ex Tax: $160.20

Imagine the roar of the crowd, the arena, the enough to take your breath away; and the reality of a fight to the finish!  Strength, courage, and winning the title of champion, this was the life of the Gladiator!  It only takes a look through the visor of this helm to see throu..

Imperial Roman Centurion Guard Helmet

$229.99 $279.99 Ex Tax: $229.99

The main officers of the Imperial Roman Guard were the Centurions, each in charge of 100 soldiers.  These Centurion Generals wore adorned plumed helms that could be easily seen in battle.  Hand-crafted from 18-gauge steel and featuring brass accents, this piece can be worn or used as decor..

Julius Ceasar Replica Roman Sword with Gold Trim

$112.99 $140.00 Ex Tax: $112.99

Julius Caesar (100BC - 44BC) is considered by many as one of the most powerful and brilliant military and political leaders in history, extending the Roman Empire all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.  He was assassinated on March 15, 44BC (the Ides of March) by a small group of conspiring Senator..

Replica Roman Dagger

$52.99 $65.00 Ex Tax: $52.99

This Historic Roman Dagger is a high quality replica of personal weaponry carried during the great days of the Roman Empire.  It was an easily concealable and therefore popular weapon in a time known for conspiracy and murder. This dagger is finely engraved with eagles, lion, and wolf figures a..

Replica Roman Trooper Helmet

$84.00 Ex Tax: $84.00

This rugged, polished, 16 gauge, carbon steel replica of the classic Roman Legionnaire helmet offers solid construction with a 5" neck protector.  This is an authentic and high quality replica of the head-armour worn by thousands of Roman troops fighting to extend the Roman Empire during the da..

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