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Akatsuki Katana

$359.99 $449.99 Ex Tax: $359.99

The Akatsuki Katana is hand-forged from 1064 high-carbon steel.  The full tang blade features a blood grove as well as a traditional clay temper.  This hardening process creates an authentic hamon line and makes this sword incredibly sharp and durable.  The tsuba is crafted from coppe..

Bullet-Style Hangers For Pistols, Swords & Daggers- Brass/Pewter Finish

$9.99 $12.00 Ex Tax: $9.99

These Bullet-Style hangers are an ideal way to display your pistols, swords or daggers on the wall or to mount in frames.  The are spring-loaded to fit most sizes and are sold as a pair.  Mounting screws not included. Features:- Brass/Peuter finish ..

Crusader Sword

$203.99 $226.99 Ex Tax: $203.99

This beautiful Crusader Sword is modeled after a sword that was used from 1096-1291.  Crafted from high-carbon spring steel and tempered over hot coals, as was done back in the Middle Ages.  The stylish guard is made of hand-cast brass, as is the octagon pommel that depicts the symbol of g..

Great Claymore

$342.99 $380.99 Ex Tax: $342.99

Throughout history, tales have been told of mighty Scotsmen who stood against seemingly unbeatable odds.  These strong, kilt clad men from the Highlands downed many a formidable foe with one swing from this mighty sword.  Each Great Claymore is individually forged from high-carbon sprin..

Hayabusa Katana

$159.99 Ex Tax: $159.99

The Hayabusa Katana is a beautifully crafted sword that also happens to be economical.  The full tang blade is hand forged from 1064 high-carbon steel.  The handle is wrapped in simulated ray skin and premium black cotton.  The saya is hand crafted from wood and finished with a deep b..

Kaji Kisoku Katana

$199.99 Ex Tax: $199.99

Tales of Dragons appear throughout Japanese folklore.  These creatures often possess magical powers such as healing, flying, or the ability of assuming a human form at will.  The Kaji Kisoku Katana was created to honor these mystical creatures.  The full tang blade is hand-forged from..

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