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9mm Magnum Blank Firing Revolver- Black Finish

$79.99 $99.00 Ex Tax: $79.99

As seen in the movies this replica .357 style revolver has a 4" vented style barrel and features working single and double action, swing out cylinder holds five 9mm blanks.  This model comes assembled in either a blued or nickel finish with wood grips.  This product comes with basic eye an..

Desert Eagle® Black Pistol

$108.99 $136.00 Ex Tax: $108.99

Conceived in 1979, and perfected in 1986, the Desert Eagle® has become a super star.  Its combat prowess and distinctive looks have earned it staring roles in hundreds of film, TV shows and video games.  Removable clip, working action.Features:- Black Finish - Length: 10.5"- Weight: 2..

M1928 Thompson Submachine Gun

$239.99 $299.00 Ex Tax: $239.99

This is perhaps the most recognizable firearm of World War II, made famous by the Airborne Troops of the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions.  This classic non-firing replica has been out of production for several years and is now returning as a Collector's Armoury Exclusive in the United States...

Replica 9mm Bullets

$6.99 $8.00 Ex Tax: $6.99

These replica 9 mm bullets are a great accent piece for your collection.  They cannot fire as live ammunition or be converted do so.  They are intended for display and theatrical use only. Features:- Sold as a set of 6 ..

WWII 8MM Semi Automatic Pistol-Blank Firing

$84.99 $105.00 Ex Tax: $84.99

This legendary military automatic fires 8mm blank cartridges in single action and semi automatic.  This is a classic WWII reproduction that the greatest generation will remember from the battlefields of Europe.  Features include a removable clip, composite lined grips, and working safety.&..

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