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Akatsuki Katana

$359.99 $449.99 Ex Tax: $359.99

The Akatsuki Katana is hand-forged from 1064 high-carbon steel.  The full tang blade features a blood grove as well as a traditional clay temper.  This hardening process creates an authentic hamon line and makes this sword incredibly sharp and durable.  The tsuba is crafted from coppe..

Bamboo Katana

$555.00 $740.00 Ex Tax: $555.00

In 1876, the samurai were banned from carrying their swords.  This attempt to end a thousand year tradition was not received well by the proud warrior class and the "Stick Katana'' was born.  Innocuous walking canes now concealed the revered blades, but the Katana lived on.  The Bambo..

Bamboo Mat Katana

$639.99 $799.00 Ex Tax: $639.99

Our Bamboo Mat Katana features a chu-kissaki blade of Hanwei's own high-alloy HWS-2S steel, which combines impressive performance with a striking O-choji hamon. This steel is made in Hanwei's new factory, with high-tech equipment, producing a very pure, advanced-metallurgy blade with excellent edge-..

Blade Hand Forged Samurai Sword

$189.99 Ex Tax: $189.99

This fully functional Nagamaki is hand forged from high-carbon steel and features a real Ray skin wrapped handle and bronze tsuba.  This is a unique and beautiful sword that is sure to please.  Includes a black lacquered scabbard and sword bag.Features:- Hand Forged Nagamaki Sword- 61" Ove..

Burgundy Katana

$19.99 $39.99 Ex Tax: $19.99

This beautiful Burgundy Katana is crafted from 440 steel and features a burgundy with black-splash lacquered finish.  It comes sharpened and is functional, but is intended as a decorative piece.  It is perfect for a display or a non-combat practice sword.  Great tool for younger pract..

Bushido Katana

$975.00 $1,300.00 Ex Tax: $975.00

Bushido, or "Way of the Warrior" defines the code of conduct an honorable Samurai must follow and the Hanwei Bushido Katana is designed to perpetuate this tradition.  The blade of the Bushido Katana is hand - forged and folded from K120C powder steel, with a medium length Kissaki.  The say..

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