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18th Century German Flintlock Pistol

$33.99 $42.00 Ex Tax: $33.99

This German Flintlock Pistol from the early 18th Century is one of the earliest flintlocks made.  This replica gun features a wood stock, engraved lock, and simulated engraved blunderbuss barrel and trigger guard.  This is a great colonial or pirate themed decoration or military collectibl..

Austrian Brass Trim Blunderbuss

$44.99 $56.00 Ex Tax: $44.99

This Austrian replica blunderbuss offers a unique grip, engraved facial image on the pan and is inscribed with the year 1760 on the barrel. Features:- Length: 15.5"- Weight: 1.25Lbs- Finish: Antiqued Brass ..

Brass Trim Pirate Boarding Blunderbuss

$120.99 $150.00 Ex Tax: $120.99

This is a massive boarding blunderbuss, measuring 26" in length.  It's wide and intimidating barrel, loaded with nails, glass, shot, rocks, or anything else a pirate could get his hands on, would have a broad reach at close quarters.  This replica blunderbuss features a flintlock mechanism..

Colonial Napoleonic Double Barrel Flintlock

$80.99 $100.00 Ex Tax: $80.99

Manufactured in 1806 in Saint Etienne by Gribeauval, the original of this Deluxe Double Barrel Flintlock Pistol replica gun was held in Napoleon's private collection. Features:- Length: 14"- Weight: 2.5 lbs ..

Colonial Replica 18th Century Flintlock Pistol

$27.99 $34.00 Ex Tax: $27.99

This petite, handsome replica flintlock pistol measures on 7.5" and features an engraved metal barrel and frame with simulated antique brass patina and simulated ivory grips.  It was originally produced by Kumbley and Brum in London circa 1795. Features:- Length: 7.5"- Weight: 1 lb- Fini..

Deluxe Kentucky Flintlock Pistol Brass

$60.99 $76.00 Ex Tax: $60.99

This classic Kentucky Flintlock Pistol was one of the first produced in the USA in the 18th Century, and a common back-up sidearm of soldiers, militia, scouts and frontiersmen of Colonial America.Features:- Length: 15"- Weight: 1.5 lbs..

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