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Replica Guns

At Armory, We Specialize In Replica Guns Of All Types Depending On Your Needs, You May Prefer A Gun That Does Not Fire At All Or A Gun That Shoots Bbs Or Blanks. We Offer Non-firing Replicas, Bb Guns, And Blank Firing Guns. Our Historic And Our Modern Replica Guns Offer The Highest Quality And Superior Realism. Each Piece Is Made With The Same Dimensions And Details You Would Expect From The Actual Weapon. Our Replica Guns Represent A Wide Range Of Time Periods, Including Civil War Guns, 17th Century Flintlock Pistols, Modern Assault Rifles And Machine Guns, Western Pistol Replicas, And More. Whichever Type Of Gun You Choose, You Will Notice The Craftsmanship That Goes Into Creating These Unique Replica Weapons.

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High-quality Daggers and Knives

At Armory, We Offer Replica Fantasy Daggers As Well As Practical Hunting And Tactical Knives. Whether You Are Looking For A Fantasy Knife To Complete A Cosplay Or A Knife For Self Defense Or Hunting, Armory Has Something For You. We Cater To Casual And Serious Collectors Alike, With A Wide Range Of Products To Fit Your Needs And Budget. If You Collect Replicas From History, We Also Offer A Selection Of Historically Accurate Medieval Dagger And Knife Replicas. These Pieces Are Crafted To Mimic The Look And The Durability Of Their Actual Historic Counterparts.

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Replica Swords

Welcome To Armory. We Are Home To A Vast Collection Of Replica Firearms And Assorted Weaponry; Available For The Collector, Cosplay Enthusiast, Independent Filmmaker And Reenactor. We Carry Movie, Stage, And Television Props As Well As Period Clothing, Accessories, Etc. At Armory, There’s Something For Everybody: From Hollywood Directors To Steampunks, To Amateur Hobbyists. Armory: When Realism Matters.

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Go Beyond Replica Guns With Our Slection Of Replica Weaponry. These Replicas Include Blunt Weapons, Axes, Arrowheads, And More. You Can Find An Axe To Fit A Barbarian Costume Or A Medieval Dagger Pistol Replica. Our Replica Weapons Are Made For Quality And Realism, And Each One Uses The Best Possible Materials In Its Construction.

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Air and BB guns

If A Non-firing Replica Gun Or Even A Blank-firing Gun Doesn’t Fit Your Needs, You May Be Interested In Our Selection Of Bb Guns. These Help You Learn The Techniques Of Firing Guns Without Using Actual Bullets. Our Bb Guns Look Great And Are Fun To Use.

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If You Are Creating A Fantasy Or Medieval Cosplay, You Can Find Everything You Need At Armory. This Includes Not Only Replica Guns And Weapons, But Also Accurate And Well-made Period Clothing. We Offer Medieval Gowns, Pirate Costumes, Steampunk Accessories, And More. We Have Options For Men, Women, And Children. Browse Our Collection, And You Are Sure To Find An Outfit That Fits Your Costume Needs.

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