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Military daggers have been an essential part of warfare for thousands of years. Not only were they used in close-quarters combat, they were also perfect for other utility purposes such clearing foliage, chopping branches, or opening ammunition crates.  The Armory proudly offers reproductions of some of the most popular knives in military history.

V-42 WWII Dagger

$82.50 $110.00 Ex Tax: $82.50

Issued to U.S. Special Forces in WWII, the V-42 combat knife featured a skull-cracker butt cap, double-edged blued blade and a stacked leather washer grip.  This replica by Hanwei is authentically detailed and fully functional. Features: Issued to U.S. Special Forces Auth..

WWII Japanese Arisaka Bayonet

$51.99 $64.00 Ex Tax: $51.99

This is an authentic replica of the famous Arisaka bayonet that was carried by Japanese troops from 1897 through WWII.  It has a steel blade with blood groove and wood grips. Features:- Length: 20.5"- Weight: 1.5 lbs ..

WWll II Jungle Carbine Bayonet

$28.99 $36.00 Ex Tax: $28.99

This decorator model of the famous Jungle Carbine bayonet has a cast metal blade and plastic grip. Features:- Overall Length: 14.5"- Blade: 9.5" ..

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