Helmets were an essential part of medieval armor. The first major advancements in medieval helmets occurred in the 10th century when they could be forged from one piece of iron. This made the armor helmets much more durable and provided a greater level of protection. Most of our medieval helmets are wearable and forged from 14 or 18 gauge steel.

Deluxe Replica Roman Centurion Helmet

$135.00 $160.00 Ex Tax: $135.00

This full size historical hand crafted helm is in' every way as glorious as the originals.  Full crest and brass accents.  Features movable cheek plates, handmade of 18 gauge high carbon steel, with a real horse hair plume...

European Barbute

$144.00 $160.00 Ex Tax: $144.00

The Barbute Helmet first started being used in 1460 and was a prime example of the true genius of early Italian blacksmiths.  This helmet provided improved visibility and additional protection for the neck.  Hand-crafted from 18-gauge steel, this piece can be worn or used as decoration.&nb..

European Pig Faced Helmet

$89.25 $119.00 Ex Tax: $89.25

The Hounskull Bascinet  was popular in the late 14th  And early 15th Centuries.  The pointed visor provided a deflecting surface for blows to the face and also improved ventilation.  This style of helmet was typically worn with an Aventail and attachment points are provided in th..

German Sallet Helmet

$149.99 $189.99 Ex Tax: $149.99

German armourers of the late 1400’s made this helms Gothic styling popular.  Hand-crafted from 18-gauge steel, this piece can be worn or used as decoration.  No lining or suspension is provided, this allows for individual customizing. ..

Gladiator Arena Helmet

$207.99 $259.99 Ex Tax: $207.99

The gladiatorial games were originally established by the Etruscans, but were later adopted by the Romans as a means of entertainment.  Gladiators were typically picked from prisoners of war, slaves, and sentenced criminals.  The life expectancy of an average Gladiator was less than a y..

Gladiator Helmet

$160.20 $178.00 Ex Tax: $160.20

Imagine the roar of the crowd, the arena, the sun...hot enough to take your breath away; and the reality of a fight to the finish!  Strength, courage, and winning the title of champion, this was the life of the Gladiator!  It only takes a look through the visor of this helm to see throu..

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